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The Golden Mile - Herb Elliott's Biography as told by Alan Trengove (Limited edition Paperback)

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The Golden Mile - Herb Elliott's Biography as told by Alan Trengove (Limited Edition paperback)

57 years have elapsed since Herb Elliott’s famous gold medal run at the 1960 Rome Olympics.  But the passing of years has done little to calm the enigma that is Herb Elliott. Elliott is still classed by many as the greatest middle distance runner to ever live, and we are excited to bring this timeless classic back for another lap.

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First Published by 

Cassell & Co. Ltd., London, 1961

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  • 5
    A true running classic

    Posted by Dan Johnson on 24th Jan 2018

    I've read a lot of running orientated books and this one is one of the best. A journey into the world of one of the greatest runners of all time. Well worth a read for runners young and old. Truly inspiring, finished it in under 2 days.

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    The Golden Mile

    Posted by Robert Guthrie on 24th Jan 2018

    Years ago I read Herb Elliott’s “The Golden Mile,” later entitled “The Herb Elliott Story,” and found it very inspiring. Herb’s training was mostly off the running track and designed for the mental toughness and not the physical development. He declared that during a training run if he thought he gave-in one bit to pain and agony he’d deliberately run harder to punish himself more. He said regardless of right or wrong it was his attitude at the time. Elliott like mostly to train alone because just the thought of another person with him distracted his concentration. Every individual is different and his or her training should be designed in accordance to that difference. Whatever Herb Elliott did during training it worked for him enabling him, like heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano in boxing, to retire undefeated in the mile and 1500 meters.