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Stotanism and the Philosophy of Percy Cerutty

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35 page Ebook by Mark Tucker - Australian Marathon Representative and Runner's Tribe Columnist

Stotanism and the Philosophy of Percy Cerutty

When a middle-aged and exhausted Percy Cerutty found himself in the midst of a physical, mental, and spiritual breakdown, he didn’t meekly succumb or merely hope for improvement. He changed his life. Entirely. No more long working days couped up inside his office, smoking up to 60 cigarettes a day, fading into a ‘weakly’ human being. No more feeling sorry for himself. He was going to become, to borrow Nietzsche’s word, an Ubermensch, born from despair and destruction into a resilient, resourceful, spiritual being with super physical capabilities. A supreme specimen who, at his core, wholly embraced philosophy, spirituality, and physicality; rebuilding his life with these forces to flourish. For Cerutty, the philosophical base was primarily a combination of the teachings from the Stoics and the Spartans, which he used and extended into his own philosophy that he called Stotanism.

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