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(EBOOK) The Track Man - Matthew Centrowitz by Chris Kwiatkowski

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The Track Man' is an insightful look into the life, habits and attitudes of Matthew Centrowitz, from his closest friend, Chris Kwiatkowski .  Read on to discover more about this once in a generation, gold medal winning, American miler

Chris Kwiatkowski is the co-author of Matt Centrowitz's self-published memoir "Like Father, Like Son - My Story on Running, Coaching and Parenting". A 2012 graduate from the University of Oregon where he competed for the Duck's on the national stage, Chris holds PBs of 13:51 5000m, 28:56 10,000m, 48:17 10miles and 64:10 half-marathon. Currently, Chris lives and works in Washington, DC as an assistant track coach at American University and a free-lance writer. 
Chris and Matt's son, 2016 Olympic Champion Matthew Centrowitz, are best friends and former college roommates. This piece is in commemoration of Matthew's 2016 Olympic gold medal run in Rio. 

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