AUSTRALIAN ATHLETE Bookazine Edition 3 Pre-orders

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The decision has been made to publish Australian Athlete magazine once a year, in time for Christmas.

This will mean the publication is more sustainable in the long term.

We have received a lot of support for the magazine and we hope that this move will guarantee that the publication is around for many years to come. It is our aim to release the magazine approximately November 20 every year, this will hopefully provide everyone with ideal Christmas presents and holiday/summer reading.

Furthermore, we will soon be offering the chance to buy a yearly subscription so that readers are guaranteed to be the first to receive their copies. As we only print limited numbers, it will guarantee that all subscribers receive their magazines. The yearly subscription will also grant those subscribers 'member' access to exclusive content published on Runner's Tribe.

Australian Athlete is brought to you by Athletics Australia and Runner's Tribe. Printed using high quality, environmentally responsible materials, a true special edition masterpiece for athletes, families, and fans to hold onto forever.